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Golf With Your Friends - Speed Golf Out Now!

Speed Golf Out Now Artwork

Have you got the need for speed? 🏁⛳

Golfers! Grab your friends and pop on your fastest running shoes. It's time for the all-new Speed Golf mode! 🏌️💨


Forget par and number of shots! Speed is the name of the game now! Race to putt your ball before your friends do and score points on each hole based on how quickly you can get the job done. 🏆


Use the new handbrake feature to slow your ball down at opportune moments, setting you up for another speedy shot! And make sure to use the new speed boost gates around your favourite courses to leave your friends in the dust! 🏁


Check out the Speed Golf trailer below! 📺

Speed Golf patch notes


  • Speed is king in the brand new Speed Golf mode! Take your positions on the starting line and race to the hole to claim first place. Speed Golf is available to play online or offline on any course, including all workshop content! Speed Golf can even be experienced in teams play for an all new team racing experience.

  • New game setting options are now available for Speed Golf players. Race to the hole in an anything goes ruleset where only time matters, or add time penalties for every stroke taken to reward both speed and accuracy.

  • All courses have been turbo charged with brand new Turbo Charge Boosters! Passing through boosters allow you to reach speeds and take routes never before possible.

  • Turbo Charge Boosters are also now available to use in the Level Editor in order to turbo charge your own creations!

  • Sometimes slowing down is the best way to speed up. The new handbrake feature allows you to slow your roll, opening up new ways for you to save yourself valuable seconds, or you know, just save yourself.

  • The brand new “Critical Hit” pack is now available featuring 10 new cosmetic items based on the spoils of a particularly fruitful party’s campaign. This pack includes 4 Hats, 2 Floaties, 2 Trails and 2 Stickers.


All Platforms:

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong course could be loaded if players joined an online lobby while other players are in practice mode or the mode menu.

  • Fixed a bug where player names were not censored in the in-game score feed during multiplayer gameplay regardless of swear filter settings.

  • Fixed a problem where the Teams selection list could overlay the Controlled Disconnection message if triggered concurrently.

  • [Hotseat] Fixed an issue where the next player’s turn could start before the previous player’s turn had ended in Hotseat mode.

  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixed a problem where the incorrect rich presence info would display for some courses.

  • Fixed an issue where placeholder strings were displayed when adding a password to an online lobby in Big Picture Mode.

  • For Level Editor, fixed an issue where the Ball Spin input could be recognised on the Course Settings screen.

  • For Level Editor, fixed a visual issue that occurred when viewing Halfpipe_Tall objects from a certain distance.

  • For Level Editor, fixed an issue where renamed courses would always overwrite their originals when published.

Xbox One and Windows:

  • Fixed a problem where the incorrect rich presence info would display for some courses.

  • Fixed an issue where the title could softlock after repeatedly joining and leaving a quickplay session.

  • Fixed a problem where if a player with a microphone attached would be muted if they joined a lobby for the second time.


  • Fixed an issue where the VOIP icon of an actively speaking player would overlap the in-game score feed.

  • Fixed a bug where the start button prompt would display as Cross when the Enter Button was assigned to Circle.

  • Switch:

  • Fixed a bug where the “Arcade” sticker was overexposed in gameplay and on the customisation menu.

 Plus...Adventure awaits with the new Critical Hit pack!

Golf with Your Friends Critical Hit Pack Artwork

Customise your golf ball with some epic fantasy flair and conquer the courses like never before! 🧙⚔️🐲


Make sure to join our official Golf With Your Friends Discord to talk all things golf and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook too!


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