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Peaceful Pines Course & Fairtyale Fables Pack Out Now!

Golf with your friends peaceful pines course

Once upon a time, in a land far away... a new 18-hole course, Peaceful Pines arrives in Golf With Your Friends! Take a first look at this fabulous fairytale course:

Welcome to Peaceful Pines, a fun filled fantasy course located in the heart of an idyllic woodland. Navigate the many natural bumps and slopes of this 18 hole course and discover the many mysterious ancient rune stones found in this seemingly enchanted forest experience.

🍄 Fairytale Fables Pack

Get ready to find your new fae-vorite look with the new Fairytale Fables Pack too! Grab the pack now and get these colourful critters:

🦊 Fox Hat!

🐝 Bee Bonnet!

🐸 Frog Floatie!

...and much more!

Fairytale Fables pack

Also, make sure to join our official Golf With Your Friends Discord to talk all things golf, provide feedback to the team, and keep up to date with further news regarding any future updates! ✨


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